Sun. Jul 14th, 2024


How do you get rid of wasps?

I just took down a wasps nest. It was very easy. There was no need for poison or a vacuum cleaner. Wasps are very stupid. They don’t understand that you or your garden rake are dangerous to them.

–> Wasps are very stupid.

Wasps do not understand who destroys their nest. The wasps get scared when the house is torn down and fly around confused until they give up and fly away. Stand still, they may bump into you in their excitement and terror at having the nest destroyed but they won’t sting you. They don’t understand that they are you as the “terrible person” who destroys their home and life. Then they fly away after about half a minute. Then you calmly and quietly walk away from the drill residue on the floor.

The back of a rake works well for scraping the nest off the roof. (or any other utensil with a long handle and a straight edge to scrape with). It is good to place a plastic bowl on the floor below the nest. Then you can easily come back and can empty the bowl when the wasps have flown away. In this way you don’t have to touch the nest with your hands.

After a few hours, the wasps will probably return to build again in the same place. They are so stupid that they don’t realize that it is a dangerous place. If they do, spray the area where they build the nest with window cleaner or similar to make their scent marking disappear. Then the wasps will disappear.