Sat. May 18th, 2024

Why are the numbers of insects decreasing?

I found this post on Facebook:

“Today, as usual, I took my dog walk to Vargholmen, along Edsgarnsvägen. I am delighted by the flamboyant roadsides there. The stately reindeer flags that have just come out and turn the entire roadside golden! The area at the turnpike and the parking lot has an abundance of different species of meadow flowers with hundreds of bumblebees and bees and butterflies and other pollinators happily fluttering around! A real oasis for them and people! I pick the bouquet in the picture of this beautiful diversity!

But today: I stoped in shock: Everything is razed to the ground!!!!!! Not one flower is left!!! All stuffed in sacks. Not one plant got the chance to germinate….!? Where the flowers grew, the ground was not used for anything. They were not in the way! The little rose bush, from which I pick rose hips every autumn, was also gone!

Why does everything have to go away??? Why are only short-cut lawns allowed?
What kind of environmentalism is that? It’s so ugly……😢
In the forest, the pollinators do not find this abundance….
Roadsides and meadows are important! They can be cut late in August, when the flowers have had time to seed! See link to Facebook post


My comment, on July 18, when we drove through Sweden, the motorway edges had been mowed, but I know this does not happen anymore in all municipalities. Where the lawn is cut, it is cut in such a way that all vegetation is scraped off so that the soil is bare in many places, this was the case in Karlskoga and Köping municipality. Why is the cutting of the ditches so important? And, surely mowing the trenches must contribute to the reduction of insects? If important, can they perhaps the ditches can mowed in October?